It’s the color that is most closely associated with the environment, life, nature and safety; it isn’t the most obvious color that is linked to the ocean yet it can be found in abundance there – and if you’ve had even half an eye on the latest watch trends over the past couple of years or so, you could not fail to miss its use on everything from the hottest Pateks and APs to the most modest of offerings from the likes of Seiko or Citizen. I am of course talking about green, the thinking man’s color and the latest tone to adorn Crafter Blue’s flagship diver, the HYPERION OCEAN. But aside from the rather lovely shade of dark green that the Hyperion’s vertically striped dial now sports, the watch boasts yet another feature de rigueur of any modern sports watch, and that is anti-magnetic-resistance because you never know when you might come in contact with a potentially disruptive magnetic field. Actually magnetic fields aren’t something that you should overly concern yourselves with unless that is you’re a working with rare earth materials, superconductivity or the like or indeed you’re a commercial diver who’s using underwater welding equipment or perhaps working with MRI-scanners or radar installations. Otherwise, I’d say you’re golden but nevertheless anti-magnetism is a feature that watchmakers are starting to promote more and more as it is true to say that a while not able to cause permanent damage to your watch; strong magnetic fields might interfere with your watch’s accuracy leaving you late for that important meeting. This issue arises from the delicate balance spring that is found in mechanical watches that is there to help regulate accuracy. Anyway seeing as you asked there are two ways that watchmakers mitigate this vulnerability a.) by use of a Faraday cage (soft iron movement housing) or 2.) by using materials such as Silicone for the balance spring. As far as I know the Swiss made Sellita automatic caliber SW200 that powers the Hyperion doesn’t come with a Silicone balance spring which means that the Hyperion is likely benefiting from a Faraday cage. In addition to its resistance to magnetic fields, the Hyperion is also water-resistant to a respectable 600 meters of water-resistance. It also comes with another professional diving feature, a Helium Escape Valve – again in case you find yourself in a Helium rich environment such as a decompression chamber like the ones used by SAT (saturation) divers. Further diver’s features of this handsome Swiss made watch include a sapphire crystal, screw-down case-back and crown and a unidirectional rotational divers bezel. And because Crafter Blue is a leading manufacturer or rubber straps the Hyperion is also endowed with a high-quality rubber diver’s strap. The new Hyperion Ocean GREEN from Crafter Blue is being offered for just 740USD. Thoughts? This is a lot of watch for the money. Obviously the color speaks to me (it’s hot) but also all the professional diving features such as anti-magnetism makes this a really solid proposition from Crafter Blue. But what do you think? Are you still basking in the green tide as I am or do you yearn for some more blue?OceanicTime