This is Squale’s latest diver, the T183 which just might provide one of the most affordable routes to your first forged carbon Swiss diver. Forged carbon is a type of carbon fiber that is incredibly strong, yet light; you might have seen it spec’d on a Lambo or you might have come across AP’s use off it for some of their more specialist ROO models. The term ‘forged’ comes from its manufacturing process where small fragments of carbon fiber are placed into molds together with resin, which is then compressed and forged at high temperature. This gives rise to the materials hallmark, mottled effect with its own unique characteristics resulting from the process. The carbon flakes, in fact, are positioned randomly, creating unique and unrepeatable patterns for each part of the product, so that no two pieces are alike. Each of the T183’s cases begins life as a single block of forged carbon, from which individual cubes are carved. Through a process using high-precision machinery, a single case is machined from each of the cubes, removing the material until its final shape is obtained. These semi-finished carbon pieces are then encased in a steel housing that guarantees durability and excellent water-resistance. With the T183 Forged Carbon, water-resistance is guaranteed by an internal cylindrical 316L Stainless steel case, onto which the sapphire glass with A/R coating is laid and sealed with a steel screw-down case-back. This internal case, houses a Sellita SW 200 movement – 1 Elaborè which is then inserted by means of pressure into the semi-finished carbon piece, designed with the utmost precision for a perfect fit. The combination of steel with forged carbon is the crucial element for a product that is light yet resistant to high pressures (up to 60 ATM). To complete the unique look of each T-183, each watch comes with a rubberized leather strap matched to its colors. The leather of the strap has in fact been coated in rubber; the sides are then trimmed, waxed, and hand-painted in a color to match the details of the hands and dial, giving a modern look with superior comfort. Thoughts? Forged Carbon watches are an acquired taste; you’ll either love ’em or hate them. There aren’t many folks producing watches made from FC either and those that do such as AP are using full carbon ie no steel and these are super expensive. But if you do like the FC look, also check out H2O Watches who were among the first smaller independent brands to offer Full Forged Carbon watches. If you want to go high-end, another player in the carbon arena is Panerai with their CARBOTECH models. Meanwhile Squale’s new T183 Forged Carbon divers make for an interesting proposition. But what do you think?OceanicTime